The Girls at the House of Rose Part 2

The time has finally come. After many many hours sitting at this computer editing video I have finally got a video for each of the girls as they were receiving their gift bags.

Things did not pan out like I had planned but in the end I was still able to teach them about true love.

As I mentioned before when I arrived I found that the older girls had been very mischievous. The director did not feel any of the older girls deserved gifts. This made me a little nervous at first so I made a deal with her to allow me to give them the gift bags.

Please pray for all the girls. A little girl named Marcella from the village they live in is teaching the girls very un-Christlike ways of doing things and especially how to be ugly toward the workers and the director of the orphanage. They are in the same school together and this girl is a bully.

The girls are shy on the video a little. They were just amazed that my friends "sent Ms. Angie" to see them and to bring them nice things. They were thrilled not just because they were getting something but because it was from so many people. They kept asking me questions about each of you. Tell me more about your friend one little girl said.

I truly hope that you and your family will continue communicating with the girls. I will be happy to take a note from your children or what ever the Lord lays on your heart. They usually get very little until I come around and then they get too much some times.

I really appreciate all of you that participated in this. The girls will never forget your kindness.

I videos are not the best but they are something. I encourage you to look at all of them; it will bless your heart tremendously. There are pictures too.

Check out the videos here.

God Bless,


"A person never stands as tall as when they bend down to help a child."-Abraham Lincoln