The First of Many to Come

During this year God blessed me with money from a wonderful Christian family to build a new home for someone in Nicaragua.

I truly felt it was going to be the family who owns the sugar cane house on the front of my website but that was not God's plan. Most people in Nicaragua do not have proof they own their property and without proof you don't want to be building a house because the next time you come back someone else will be living there.

I prayed and prayed God would show me who but time after time I found no one.

During my walk from house to house in Coffradia I saw homes that were really bad but none that stood out to me until almost the last house.

I could not believe my eyes. It was actually worse than any house I had seen before.

The family that lives there is a older family and the poorest in the village. They have a handicapped child who suffers from seizures and has mental issues. Their home was open to the elements of weather and they have only one spot in the whole house to go when it rains. It was truly a sad sight to see.

I am honored to say that after this week they will have a new home to live in that will last them a lifetime and will be there for their daughter when she is older.

This family does not go to church but believes in God. I shared the gospel with the mother to ensure that she knew what it takes to get to heaven but she has been taught false doctrine and thinks if she accepts Christ she has to go to church every time the door is open and she can't go all the time because of her daughter. I assured her that God knows her heart and that is what he cares about.

Gives thanks to God for this new home and pray that this shows this family how wonderful God really is.

Check out the old house and the new here.