The drama is calm for now..

I just realized I have not written since I got home. Now that all the major drama in my life has calmed down, I'm just living my normal boring life. We finally made it home on Wednesday afternoon. Thank goodness the airlines put us up in a room and fed us breakfast. That additional expense was not one I wanted to have to pay.

I had to go to work first thing Thursday morning and worked all day and the same on Friday. That's the first time I have had to do that and my body is freaking out today. I am so tired and now I am finally getting sick like Terry. I had to go to the doctor today and get a ZPack because my ears and head are a mess but already I am feeling better. I love that man who made a ZPack. That stuff is great.

I am happy to say as far as I know the other two girls are finally doing much better.

I have had a lot of questions about the "swine flu" comment that I wrote about. It has caused some fear in others and I want to give you some comfort I hope.

The girl who I wrote about went to the doctor and was diagnosed with the "FLU". Since she had already had a flu shot and now had the flu the doctor stated it could be "swine". There was never a test to actually determine it was or was not. It is flu season this time of year in Nicaragua and many people are sick with upper respiratory infections. It is rainy season there and just like here in January our germs come out in full force so do they in Nicaragua. Praise God she was not sick enough to be hospitalized so the doctor wanted to make sure so she prescribed Tamiflu for her and her family. It is always best to be safe than sorry.

I say this to say that there is no proof either way we caught Swine in Nicaragua and when you are working for the Lord you can expect warfare to happen. Don't let this scare you or worry you. If God has called you to go on a mission trip you must go with the attitude that anything could happen. I have been so blessed in the 15 times I have gone I have never gotten sick and never came home with anything until now. I would say those are really good odds.

Our driver's son was sick while we were there and it is very possible that he was the carrier of the flu germs. I have since checked on him and they are both doing fine.

Let me encouarge those of you with concern that I do all I can to make sure each team member is well taken care of while they are in Nicaragua but there is no 100 percent guarantee just like here. You can get sick in your own house just as easy as you can on a Mission trip. Don't let this scare you away.

Great things happen during our trip, I am sure the devil is ticked off to no end. He is not happy that all those people accepted Christ. He is not happy with the seed that we sewed and the lives we changed.

I am working on the pictures and will post them soon.

Until then... God Bless,

If you have any other questions about this let me know.