Prayers for Ceibita

Please lift my little community Ceibita up in prayer today as I received a call from the leader and the Pastor of the community that the families are struggling with food. It rained here for 13 days straight 24 hours a day and they lost all their crops and the men have not worked in a month now. They have no money for food and their resources have ran out.

Here I am in Managua and my extended families in Ceibita are hungry and I have not way to go there and help them. I can not tell you how that makes me feel.

This adoption has taken every extra dime we have and many dollars from other people so I have not other resources to help them.

I am asking you to pray for God to provide a way for them to receive food from an organization here in Nicaragua or provide me with extra money to give them.

To feed them 10lbs of rice and beans and a liter of oil is around $440 for 40 families. This would last them at least a month until the weather clears and they get back on their feet.

Join me in prayer for this community who have been shaken by the weather. Pray for their spirits, their morale, their hope and their peace.