Oscar Enjoy's His Power Rangers

Several of you came to the call and donated some great toys for Oscar.

I have never seen him so happy as that day. He was on cloud nine.

I had seen him earlier in the week and told him I would be there to see him but it took me a couple of days to get to his house. When I got there he made sure I knew I didn't keep my word and come and see him. It was so sweet to hear him fuss at me since for over the past year he hardly ever speaks.

Here is a link to the photos and a link to the videos of him.


Video 1 - this is him saying thanks to everyone.

Video 2 - this video is Oscar receiving a card from a little boy named Zack. Thanks Zack he loved your book.

In the vidoes he is saying, Thank you for my toys and God Bless you.

Thanks so much for making Oscar's dream come true.