Operation Education Update

For the past two days my kids have been out of school due to the wonderful snow we got and all night they have been asking me if there is school tomorrow, not because they just can't wait to get there but because they don't want school to be in session. I remember those days.. It was exciting to get an unexpected day off. I can honestly say that the kids in Ceibita don't feel this way at all. They are currently on their summer vacation now. School in Nicaragua runs from the first week of February to Thanksgiving Day. When I was there several kids told me they wished school started back that day. They are enjoying going to school more than my kids have ever but the difference is my kids have been in school since age 4 and are tired of it already. These kids have not had that privilege and would not have if not for some of your reading this email.

We were blessed this year to send 82 kids to school and I have another 4 kids we are getting uniforms for by the first of February making it a total of 86 kids. That's almost double from last year.. I'm just so excited knowing these kids not only desire to go but truly WANT to go. There's a difference, I promise you.

If you sponsored a child/children this year please pray for them. They have many struggles throughout the day. Some don't have food to eat some days and others may struggle between working to help feed the other family members versus going to school. The children have to live very grown up lives in Nicaragua sometimes.

This year we did not get to take them shopping. The cost of uniforms is going up each year and so we had to shop around and found them cheaper in Managua which is 3 hours away so this year we went to the community and gave each child their specific backpacks and bags full of all the goodies and enjoyed their company more.

I purchased several school supply items this year here in the states and took them down which saved a lot of money but next year I can foresee an increase in the sponsorship by a couple of dollars. I really didn't have enough this year per child for the $25 but God supplied.

Would you please consider sponsoring your child again next year? Maybe you didn't get involved this year and realize you should have? You can this next school year. Start planning now.. I'll be looking for sponsors in September  & October.

The words I hear over and over in Ceibita is that they just can't believe total strangers would love them enough to send them to school. It's heartbreaking to hear their comments some time. You guys are really showing them Jesus. Trust me.

I am proud to announce that all of the 49 kids sponsored last year passed to the next grade. This is a huge accomplishment. The leader of the community had every child's report card copied and gave them to me to show accountability and to show how proud they were of the kids. I would be happy to give you a copy of your child's report card upon request.

Please pray for these kids as you pray for yours. They struggle in many different ways, ways you would never believe.

Please continue praying for this ministry as God has great plans for me in 2011. I never know what they are but they are always bigger and better than the year before and since last year was so huge I can't imagine what he has planned for this coming year.

As always Thank you so much for the support and prayers you give me. Together we are World Changers. Together we are changing many lives in Nicaragua.

God Bless,


To see photos of the kids click on this link:


To watch videos of the kids saying Thank You click here and choose the videos started on the second row.