Operation Education Reminder

The October 15th deadline will be coming soon and there are 48 kids who still need a sponsor. Please send this email to others in your family who might want to sponsor a child.

I have families who have decided instead of a present this year they want a child sponsored in honor of their relative or themselves.  That's a true sacrifice.

$35 is only giving up Pizza for 1 weekend of the NEXT year or 6 trips to Starbucks throughout the ENTIRE year.

We can waist that money really fast at any Walmart buying things we really don't need if we are not careful. It's a little sacrifice compared to what these families would have to give up.

This community is still only averaging $35 - $50 per month income. To pay for the school supplies and uniform they would have to go without food for the ENTIRE month for just one child.

Please consider making an investment into the lives of these kids. I have seen an amazing transformation over the years in the kids of Ceibita. They have a spark in their eye I didn't see when I first went there and I don't want that flame to burn out. All it takes is one spark from Jesus and a raging fire can burn within them. Help me keep that flame burning.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for these kids to go to school without help.

Will you bless a child this year?

Check out the photos of the kids at www.thepowerofoneministry.org/school/2013/index.htm

If you decide on a child all you have to do is;

1. Email me the child's name so I can remove them from the list.

2. Send your check for $35 to: The Power of One Ministry, 198 Mellwood Drive, Charlotte, NC. Make the check payable to Ambassadors To The Nations to receive a tax deduction. (if you missed previous emails about this and need more info, please call or email me.)

3. Pray for this child and their family. You can also send them notes, letters, birthday cards and small gifts through the school year if you so desire.

It's that easy...1, 2, 3.. and you can change a life forever.

God Bless,