Operation Education 2015

The school year is over half way finished and I have returned from Nicaragua with new school pictures of kids that need sponsors. If you are new to my mail list let me explain what Operation Education is and how it works.

For the past 5 years I have been blessed to help over 100 kids each year attend school through wonderful sponsors who invest in the lives of my community kids.

The cost is $35 a year which covers a full uniform (pants/skirt, shirt & socks), a new pair of shoes, cool backpack and school supplies.

One out of every 3 kids in Nicaragua do not attend school simply because they can't afford these same items. The parents in my community only make around $40 a month so to send a child to school for $35 would be impossible especially if they have more than one child.

Throughout the school year you will have an opportunity to communicate with your sponsored child via letters to them. I visit them in March, August and December. Each trip I go I will give you the opportunity to bless the kids by sending them a package, or money for food. This is optional, however, it does help me a great deal when people send money for food. I always buy each family a bag of food regardless if the sponsor of that child sent money so the money that sponsors give me help offset that cost. It takes around $1000 to $1200 every trip.  God is so good to me and has helped me raise this money every trip. I stand in awe at the blessings He sends me each trip.

The next school year will start around Valentine's Day and end the first week of December but we need to start now in order to buy the uniforms at a good price. By November prices double in Nicaragua so I need to purchase everything by mid-October.

If you are new and want to sponsor a child please go to this page on my website and select your child. Click the Sponsor Child button under the child's picture you want to sponsor and you will be taken to the "Checkout" page where you can pay online or you can click the Sponsor Child button again to add another child to your chart. If you do not want to pay online you can email me the name of the child and I will take them off the website and you can send me a check.

For those of you who are sponsoring your child/children again this year there is a big Red box that you need to select to  RE-SPONSOR. Once you click on it and are taken to the Checkout page you can change the quantity if you are paying for more than one child.

This is a new website process so if there are any problems you run into just let me know.

Remember if you want to pay by check you can still do that just email me the name of the child. For those paying to re-sponsor just email me and let me know you are sending a check, no need for the names, those I have already. I can't post the re-sponsor pictures because I don't want someone else selecting those kids but I will email pictures to everyone.

Every year I trust God to find sponsors to my kids and this year is not different. Please feel free to share with others this need. Let's watch God do a great thing and get these kids all sponsored.

Deadline is October 15th to sponsor a child and to pay if you are re-sponsoring your existing child/children.

God Bless each of you.




Here's the link again: http://www.thepowerofoneministry.org/?page_id=149