New Kidney Means a New Life

Yesterday I was blessed to be able able to wire the first $800 for Oscar. On Monday or Tuesday he and his mother will have test ran and they will be sent to Costa Rica to determine if she is a match.

This is a huge hurdle we need to get over and I am asking for each of you to help me pray for this little boy.

I am trusting God completely on this and know that Oscar is HIS prince and He has his life in HIS hands but I don't think God would mind at all if I call out to him on Oscars behalf.

This pray with me over the next two weeks the following:

1. Most importantly that GOD's will be done in Oscar's life. 2. Pray Mom is a match and if she is not she will be able to deal with the pain that will come with that answer. 3 The blood tests will be done in record timing and there will be no interruptions to deal with. 4. Oscar's health will continue to be stable enough for him to undergo the surgery. 5. The prison mom is in will continue to allow her to be with him during this time. 6. The warden of the prison will have mercy on her and let her go on good behavior. 7. During this time of unknown that the entire family will find HOPE and PEACE in God and see that God loves Oscar more than they do and they must trust in him. 8. Pray for the doctors who will do the surgery. Pray they will do the best job any doctor can do and the procedure will be done without any issues. 9. Pray I will raise any additional monies needed to help me. 10. Pray I will be at peace with all that is going on. I won't lie it has been the most stressful two weeks I have had in a long time. I need to find rest in knowing that God sees all and He sees Oscar's future, He's got it all figured out, He does not need me to help him. :)


Pray Until Something Happens..

God Bless,