Never Ending Journey Part 8

Well today I had my first meeting with Mi Familia (DSS). Their ways of thinking and mine are no where near  on the same page. I agree with many things they say yet I totally disagree with MOST.

First I praise God for the opportunity to fight for Karen. I could easily take another child and move on but for what ever reason for this time I am to fight for her.

They decided to reopen my case. They closed it in March and considered it done. This is a far occurrence.  They made it clear to me this does not happen often but do to the circumstances and due to the fact I am persistent in adopting her they feel it is necessary to reopen this case.

They feel that at this time she has been completely brain washed and needs time to heal. She needs counseling to ensure that she is mentally capable of making the best decision. They have decided to have a physiologist examine her over a course of a undetermined amount of times and after that evaluation then and only then will they talk to her about being adopted.

They have ask me to not talk or see her during this time. I understand why but this is hard because she thinks I will be back to see her soon and if I can't tell her what is going on what will she think of me. Pray I can communicate with her another way to let her know what is going on. I don't want her to think I got mad at her and just left her without saying anything.

Once the evaluation is over then the DSS folks will go and visit her and ask her about the adoption. They have told me they will explain everything to her and give her a chance to decide. I still disagree with this because again as I have stated she has not spent any time with me and needs that time to decide but they don't think that matters.

They have told me that if she decides not to be adopted that they will offer the woman that has her to adopt her and if she says no they will remove her from the home immediately. The Director was furious with my case worker that she had not been removed already. She told her she should have never been placed in the home to begin with. That's exactly what I told them 2 years ago.

The Director told me it will take a month but the case worker told me at least 6 months. I can't live here 6 months waiting and then another 3 to 4 to foster. It's just not realistic so I will be coming home soon without her for now. My lawyer told me to come back in December like I normally do and by then I should get better news.

I said I was not leaving her without her thinking I would get a "NO" but instead I got neither a "NO" or a "YES" so now it is hard to know exactly what to do at this point. Wait for the month and hope it is a month or come home without her and wait for the 6 months. Hopefully God will show me what direction to go soon.

Please pray for wisdom.

Tonight the person who got me the connection to the minister is coming to talk to me. She was suppose to meet with the minister today so I am hoping he has some behind the scenes news for me that will help me know what to do.

I am grateful the case has been re-opened. This is a huge start but the rest I was told stinks.. :)

My faith is in the Lord and the Lord only. His timing is perfect and I know thatI will bring Karen home, when is the million dollar question.

Please continue to pray as this is not even close to being over yet.

Thanks for your support.