Never Ending Journey Part 5

This week has been a ruff week for me emotionally. I am not sure why it is any harder than other weeks but it has been more than I want to endure going forward. I was able to contact Homeland Security this week to ask about a time frame of when I could expect to hear something about my appointment for my fingerprints and I SHOULD HAVE NEVER CALLED...

When I have called in the past I have spoken to people who act like they are robots. They read scripts to me like they have no emotions but this time I got a really nice lady who actually cared about what I was saying.

She was not able to tell me why there was a delay in getting anything from them but was able to tell me that when I do it won't be pretty.

Apparently they are very behind in appointments in the Charlotte office and as of this past Monday there were no open appointments until July 15th... So even if they wanted to expedite my appointment time for me they can't unless they get a cancellation. She said she heard something had happen to the Charlotte office (power was out for two days this month..) and they had to reschedule several hundred people.

With that news needless to say I was not happy. Extremely frustrated is an understatement.

I have prayed and prayed trying to understand why there are more delays in this process only to come back to the point that God is in control and His timing is perfect. At this point there is not much else I can do, right?

So as of today it looks like I will not be leaving until the end of July now. This poses many many problems for us in September and October but I'll let God deal with that if those problems arise.

Please pray that I will find peace in this delay and find the purpose for it. I don't like it at all but I do trust God and I know He is in control of this. I can't say I have felt this way all week but through lots of prayers I am coming to that  peace God wants me to be at.

How can you pray now?

Pray that I will get as much work as I can before I leave. Through out new photography studio, my teaching  job, the computer work I am doing and any other avenue God sends my way. It will cost a lot to do this and we need all the money we can get.

Pray I won't allow these distractions to toss me to and fro.. I have been very strong until now and I can be honest and say I am wore out. I am walking by faith with one foot sinking if you know what I mean. Right now the only thing holding me up is the prayers of others. Keep praying.

Pray for Karen. She has not been allowed to talk to me since April. I have no idea what she is thinking. Her birthday is Tuesday and I am sending someone to her school with a cake and drinks and of course a letter from me explaining why she has not heard from me. She is being manipulated by the people she lives with and only God knows what they are telling her. She could decide that she does not want to be adopted by us and all this will be over with as soon as I get there. Pray for her protection She will be 12 on Tuesday and there are several young adult men living in her house.I only want God's will for her life, pray He shows puts that desire in her heart, even if that is not to be with us.

Pray Homeland Security gives me the appointment in God's timing and no weapon formed against it shall prosper. Nothing else will stop or delay this process. All will happen in God's timing. His perfect Will be done..

Thanks to everyone who has shown your support to me. I need it. I am tired, emotionally, physically and spiritually but I now that my strength is renewed daily and I hold onto the fact that there is nothing I can do except walk in His peace.  Much easier said than done.

No matter what... there is a rainbow after this storm. God's light will shine in our lives no matter what will happen.

I'll let you know what happens next when I know.