More Praises and Prayers...

First the prayer needs...

It has now been 37 days since Isamar's DNA test. The longer this takes the farther out our stay in Nicaragua will be causing us to go into our businesses fall season which makes things very complicated.

The council that meets to vote on us has not met in several months; however, they are meeting this Friday and possibly next. If we could get the test results in now it is "POSSIBLE" to get on that council schedule for next Friday.

God knows the plans for this adoption and I am not concerned about our business but the bible says, "Ask Not, Receive Not" so I'm living by that motto and asking you guys to be in agreement with me and ask God to intervene in the delivery of the test results.

If the results are positive it changes this process completely and will hold this process up again.

P.U.S.H. - Pray Until Something Happens.. That’s what I'm going to do.

Time for Praises...

Remember my soccer team in Somotillo I wrote about? Remember I told you about having a connection to the Charlotte Eagles? You're not going to believe how God showed off this time.

Yesterday I received a call from Jim and Renee Hughes who also have a sports ministry and are currently working directly with the Charlotte Eagles. Ms. Hughes informed me that she is working with a group of teens who are going to Nicaragua in July and they have raised additional funds that need to be spent. What better place to spend that money but to bless a group of teens in Somotillo?

That's right, they are going to provide the much needed cleats to my soccer buddies, and not just cleats but the kind that the Eagles wear. They are also going to provide balls and shin guards. The coolest thing is they are going to give them the "Gospel Soccer Balls" to use in their ministry. Those balls look like the gospel bracelets and you use them to share the story of Christ.

Can you believe this? God took total strangers and together we are going to bless a soccer team with items they are believing by faith for. Just imagine how this will build their individual faith.

Give God Praise for the little things and watch Him give you BIG things..

Thanks for your prayers and for the praises.