Love Soccer? or Love Kids?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, I'm looking for you. Come to Somotillo, Nicaragua in June this year (exact date to be announced soon) and be a part of the first Annual Youth Soccer Tournament.

Kids ages 9 - 12 will be invited to attend this tournament. Kids will be divided up into age groups and play against each other for several days and at the end a championship came will be held.

The most important part will be what happens before and after the games.

We will use this opportunity to present to the kdis and the on lookers a devotion before each game. This devotion will lead up to the last night where we will have a banquet and present the kids with an award for participation and trophy's for the winners.

At the banquet we hope to present the gospel to not only the kids that participated but their parents and friends who will attend.

What a great way to reach a lot of people at once! They love soccer in Somotillo so this event should go over real well.

I'll need team members to join me to pull this off.

My soccer team in Somotillo is looking forward to participating and sharing with the younger kids. This could become a great avenue for the local church and the youth soccer team to disciple them afterwards.

Sports is a great way to introduce lessons from the bible.

Will you join me? Partner with me? I'm putting the budget together now so pray with me the resources will be provided.

If you would like to get involved but can't go here are a list of items I will need so if you run across them or have them already maybe you can donate them:

Pennies - (practice shirts) Used ones will be fine. Sizes need to fit ages 9-12 Soccer Balls - size 4 and 5 balls Portable goals - the popup kind - 4ft high at least Items to give away during devotions - water bottles, wrist bands, head bands, cool trinkets, tote bags, sports bags, etc. Anything soccer related pretty much.

If you go to yard sales, keep you eyes open for me. I'll pay you back if you get a good buy or you can donate it.

If you are interested in going or know of youth, college students or any body else that wants to take a mission trip this summer tell them to contact me as soon as possible. 704-391-0959

Thanks for your support and prayers..



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