Letters to Your kids

Time has goes by fast and I understand that we are all very busy in life so that's why I am not getting to freaked out by the fact that the deadline for sending in your childs letters is fast approaching and I have only one letter yet I have 92 kids who are hoping and desiring so much to receive them. I am aware that some are coming but some is no where near 92 so I am hoping that many of you are in the process and my mailbox will be flooded by the end of the week.

If you have not wrote one or feel you can't deal with the Spanish issue then write it in English. Have your kids make a card or a flyer. You can even buy cards in Spanish at Wal-Mart. Please let me help you bless these children.

The deadline was this Friday but at this rate I am pretty sure many are not going to meet that deadline so I will just ask to please send it as soon as you can. It does not have to be that complicated or grand. Send it in English and I'll use Google to translate it for you.

If it sounds like I'm begging then you are probably right. It's really hard to take 10 letters to kids and have all the others feel so left out. It truly defeats the purpose we are trying to show them.

Please consider sending your child a letter. You are investing in their lives already. What's a small letter and picture of your family.


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