June 2014 Newsletter

This past month has been very busy for me at home and at work and again time is flying by. We were blessed to have our son Logan graduate from high school last month. He graduated a year early and I can truly say that I was not ready for him to grow up so fast. He will attend UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) and study Marketing. I am excited to say that he will be heading to Nicaragua with my team and I in August.

Speaking of Nicaragua it has been a little quite lately. Pastor Arturo has been feeling better and still working in the community each week. It's rainy season there now and that always brings head colds, upper respiratory problems and other issues that comes from the lack of proper housing and the wet and dampness from all the rain.

I have a full team going with me in August. Three of my sponsors will have an opportunity to visit with their sponsored kids. It brings me great joy to connect the two together and give others an opportunity to get to know my family there and show them God's love. There will be 6 of us all together and I am looking forward to see what God has planned for us during that week. I will be leading a team of 36 with Ambassadors from the 1st to the 8th and then on the morning of the 8th the rest of us will travel to Somotillo to visit my community and get the kids registered for the next school year.

Every August I take pictures of all the kids, update their age, clothes sizes and grade for the next school year. Several of you have asked why in August. It's because I have to get all the kids sponsored and money collected so that I can order the uniforms in late October. Prices almost double by November and December. I want to keep the cost down for everyone so in order to do that I must plan months ahead.

Once I return in August I will start working on getting the images ready to upload to my website. This year I am happy to say with the new website I will have a better way from you to select a child.  More info to come.

If you would like to send a card/letter to your child I will need them in my hands no later than July 25th.  If you want to send them a financial blessing for food you can do that also.

The Lord has blessed me this year with people who are investing financial into the ministry. With this blessing I have been able to do the following:

1. Purchased medicine and food for a very sick woman and her two kids. She had a kidney infection so bad that she was delirious. I am happy to say she is doing fine now. 2. Purchased several needed items for the family that cooks for our team. New pots, pans, ceiling fans and other needed items. 3. Purchased items for a very poor family who has no income. Will ship a plastic tub full of needed items for their home, clothes for their kids, shoes, and cooking items. 4. Case of 24 bibles. 5. Sent money to Pastor Arturo to pay for registration of his motorcycle. 6. Helped with college tuition for a study who lives in the community. 7. Purchased baseball items for the kids baseball team in Ceibita.

Thank you so much for sowing into this ministry. Every dollar helps change the life of another. Something as simple as an antibiotic that only cost .50 cents kept a lady named Maria from going into kidney failure. The doctors told us that she was delirious from all the infection in her body and that if she had gone another day or two she could have damaged her kidneys for life. Praise God I had the funds to send her and purchase all the other items I needed.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray for the men of the community as Pastor Arturo is still ministering to them. For healing in the community and protection from the rain. Pray that hearts will be open to receive God's love when we arrive in August Wisdom for me as I plan the trip Prayers for my family as the enemy loves trying to beat us up. Praise God we know we are victorious but sometimes our flesh doesn't. Prayers for my health as doctors still don't know what is going on with me Pray for finances for my trip. Money for ministry needs, money for expenses for me and Logan. I have had two yards sales to help with our expenses and neither did as good as we needed them.


God is so faithful. He is doing great things in Ceibita and there are lots more to do there and I am honored that He is using people like you to help accomplish all that He has planned.

Thanks again for all your prayers and your blessings in this ministry.