Getting Ready to Go...

We're two days away now from heading to Nic and there is so many things going on. God must have great plans for us when we get there because the devil is working overtime to discourage me. He should learn by now that his tactics don't work with me.

We have had our rental car reservation get cancelled and it will now cost double each day, we've had the dad push back on allowing us to see the girls the full weekend and we have had unexpected expenses come up everywhere.

I'd say that was a good indicator of great things to come.

During my quite time with the Lord a couple of days ago God just dump a new project in my head. He is so good at piling my head full of ideas.

I would like to pursue having a type of Upwards Soccer Camp in Somotillo or another village. I have had several people approach me about wanting to help with any sports ministry I will have coming up and then out of no where God lays this on me.

I contacted Upwards today and discussed what they have to offer and it was not as I expected but it can be workable.

I already have a youth soccer team of 22 teens there and what better way to have discipleship go on after we leave but to have them involved. I plan on sitting the pastor down and the team and discussing having a camp this summer. Just imagine having a room full of kids and parents all at once and telling them about Jesus. What an easy way to bless them with fun and the Lord.

Pray that God will direct my paths and show me what location and direction to go in.

As I mentioned I am going back to the village of Coffradia to discuss the garden project and it's success. I hope to learn more about how things went during the process. Pray I get a good response from the families that participated. It's hard to get them together all at one time.

Here is the projected schedule so you will know each day how to pray.

Friday - Sunday - visit with the girls. If we dont' get the girls until Saturday we will be visiting a new location on Friday.

Monday - we will travel to Somotillo and stop along the way to minister to Oscar's mom who is in prison. Continue to pray for her release. She was found guilty of selling drugs but her husband was the one that was doing all the selling. She was not even in town when he got arrested but she was taken anyway and found guilty. Her husband has since been released. His family paid his way out. Her family has no money to do so.

Tuesday - Wednesday - we will arrange meetings with different people in Somotillo. The village of Coffradia, the pastors I have been working with and the soccer team.

Wednesday - travel the 3 1/2 hours back to Managua.

Thursday - visit another area and another ministry that I am interested in finding more about and leave that night for the flight home, arriving the next day at mid-afternoon. We will be flying from 12:00 midnight until 12:00 noon.

Thank you for the continued prayer for this trip. There are a lot of wonderful things going on and the angels have gone before me to make the path straight.

God has blessed me with almost all that will be needed for this trip. I am still around $500 short. There have been several people who have mentioned they are sending money in or have sent it so maybe that number will change by Wednesday. Thanks to all that have been able to help. God will multiply your giving. He will bless you more than you can imagine. If you can still help but it won't make it by Wednesday, email me and let me know the amount that way I can account for it. I just don't want to have a ministry need and not be able to bless someone.

Without prayer folks we can run up against many oppositions as I have already. Will you commit to praying for us daily? I have been praying for some friends of mine specifically and to remember I made an agreement that every time I ate something I would lift them up. Will you do the same for us? If you pray nothing more than Lord give them favor, that will be sufficient.

God Bless all of you and I can't wait to come back with great stories of what God did on our trip.