February 2015 Newsletter

Happy Belated Valentines Day to you. The bible teaches us that the greatest commandment is to "Love". I am pretty sure it would not be the greatest if God had not intended the world to revolve around it. It is the one thing that keeps this world together. It is the very factor that keeps me doing what I am doing in Nicaragua. Growing up in a family where love was not shown much makes a person hunger for it. I can say I looked for love in all the wrong places growing up. If only then could I have known how much my Father in Heaven loves me I am sure my life would have been different. I can see the struggles of the families I minister to in Nicaragua are very similar to mine as a child. Although family is very important to Nicaraguan families, showing love is not. Rarely do I see hugs, words of encouragement or any sign of what Americans call "love" among family members. It seems as if it is difficult for them to express it among themselves yet they hug me so hard I can't breathe. I truly can relate to this. I spent most of my childhood and young adult life never receiving hugs or signs of love and it has only been by the love of God have I broke that cycle and been able to show love to my own kids and others.

On March 5th I will travel back to Nicaragua to see my families. The first 8 days I will be working with Ambassadors and a team of 60 and when they return home I will head to my community along with Gwen Emmett and my translator Raphie for another 6 days.(I have the best husband in the world to be able to do this). I can't wait to see my kids and hear all about their new school year, which started this week. I hope to post pictures soon from their first day of school.

Our theme for this trip will be about "Love". We have craft projects and object lessons being prepared to teach each age group all about how much God loves them. We will bless the wedding couples with pictures from the wedding, the families will each get a family portrait and as usual we will bless the families with food. We will also go and see my babies at the orphanage. I also have good news to tell you. 3 of the kids who I wrote about in January that were taken back to their mother has returned for good this time.  I got word last week that the mother (of my favorite 3) had forced the kids to bed on the streets for money and the aunt turned her into child protection services and upon investigation they found in fact that the mother was forcing the kids to beg so they removed them from the home and returned them to the orphanage where they will live from now on. They love it there and I will love seeing them again. I have goose bumps just thinking about it now.. :)

If you are a current sponsor of Operation Education kids and want to send them a letter I will need it by the 1st of March please. If you want to send money towards the food cost as always that will be appreciated. It usually costs about $1100 each trip to feed all the families. God always supplies what is needed for these families. The food last them almost a month or more and cost around $15 per family. Can you imagine having a grocery bill for the month of only $15. Wow, that would be so nice in this house. :)

Please start praying for this trip. Pray the hearts of many will be affected by the words we say and the love we show. I have learned by now that I'm no preacher, evangelist, or even a teacher but what I am is willing. I am willing to love them as God loves them and allow Him to show His love to them through me. What a great honor that is.

Update on the "new Hotel" - thanks to all of you who gave so generously. Because of you two rooms have been converted into a home for me and others to live in while I am there. They are working hard to convert the house into a safe place for us. I am so excited to see all they have done. A new water tank has been bought, ceramic tile has been laid in the bathroom and the bedrooms, new electrical wires have been ran and many other things are yet to be done.

The family that takes care of me in Nicaragua have been a huge blessing to me for years and now I get to be a blessing to them by making much needed improvements to their home which in turn gives us a safe place to say. What a great blessing this will be for me and others who come with me. Thanks again for all who helped make this need a reality. I will send you pictures when I get there.

God bless each of you. I can't wait to see what God has in store for 2015. Every year I think there is no way to out do last year and every year He shows up and shows off. We serve a great God. He is so faithful. He loves us so much.

Please remember that there is NOTHING you can do that changes His love for you. NOTHING. We as Americans try to measure up to a "person worthy of being loved by God" but God is trying to show us "we are already worthy of His love regardless of what we do". When we finally realize it is not about us and it's about Him our lives will change forever. Don't let the enemy lie to you anymore and tell you that you messed up today and now God is unhappy with you or that you were sooooo.... bad today that now you need to repent every day for the rest of the month to make up for it. If I am not mistaken, Jesus died on the cross knowing you were going to mess up and yet He still took your place. If that's not true Love I don't know what is. Rest in His love for you today and watch what happens.

Dios te ama, Dios te bendiga, (God loves you, God Bless You)