Another Operation Education Opportunity

I have had people tell me they did not see this post last week so I am sending it again. I now have 32 kids that need a sponsor instead of the original 20 - 25 listed below and so far I have 11 sponsored. I need these kids sponsored as soon as possible so if you are interested let me know by email, ASAP.

Here was last weeks post.

This past week I was told of a huge need in Somotillo where we minister and I would like to share it with you.

The man who works for me there (Evert) brought to my attention a need for 20 to 25 kids to go to school.

In Somotillo there are many people with HIV or AIDS. Sadly they do not have access to all the needed medicines and they are treated horribly by their families and the community. Some people have been ostracized by their communities and forced to move out.

Because of this treatment people in Somotillo don't get the medical care they need and most die an early death simply because they won't ask for help in fear of what will happen to their families if people find out.

Evert has been blessed to find a way "into" this group of people that exist. He, a nurse and one other person has been working with a small group of people helping them deal with this disease. Teaching them how to stay healthy and supporting them spiritually.

In January alone 4 woman died from AIDS leaving their children behind to be taken care of by who ever would take them. Many of the patients with HIV/AIDS are children also. Some of the children have both mom and dad dieing from AIDS.

I would like to help these families by helping their children to live as normal as possible. Due to the illness the parent/parents can not work and provide for their children, thus causing them to go hungry and not attending school.

For example, the children of the woman who died in January have been living with neighbors, neighbors who financially can't afford to take care of themselves much less another mouth to feed.

I have contacted an organization to help them get food on a consistent basis. It will be provided to each child and any parent that is currently suffering from this horrid disease. Now I just need sponsors to help send the kids to school.

Tuesday is the first day of school for Nicaragua. I have been told by Evert that he can go to the schools and ask permission for them to attend without the uniform for a period of time giving us a chance to get them sponsored.

In November when we purchased the uniforms I got them at a discount because I purchased so many sets. I can't get them at this price for these kids. I need $28 per child this time. Prices are very high right now.

Evert is working through the list to determine how many kids will need the uniforms. We estimate at least 20 - 25 kids.

Because of thier concern about others finding out they have HIV/AIDS parents are reluctant in giving their permission to take photos of their children. I hope to have some photos for you to choose from but can't guarantee this as I have in the past.

I need each child sponsored ASAP.. If you are willing to sponsor a child please email me and let me know and then send your check to :

The Power of One Ministry 198 Mellwood Drive Charlotte, NC 28214

Let's come together and make a difference in a child's life. These children are even more special than the others. They are faced with a deadly disease that will soon kill their parents or themselves.

Will you sponsor a child and change their life this year?

God Bless,