2 Students Are College Bound

I am happy to say that Francisca will be attending college this coming year and additionally another student that I didn't list will also be attending college this coming year in addition to Francisca because of the blessings from two of my Operation Education sponsors. This is a huge answer to prayer for the entire community and myself. I personally know how these students feel because my family could not pay for me to go to college and I worked two jobs to make it through it along with days after days of great struggles. I would have been elated to have had support like they are going to receive.

Out of 72 families the current students and the upcoming students are the only individuals who have ever attended college. They are the first of their families generations to have this privilege and the first of all the families who have ever lived in this community. It is a huge encouragement to all the families who live there. Everyone is very proud of the students and encourage them often. They are all in awe of God's blessing on these students and the families they represent.

It will be these types of blessings that open the doors for me to share God's love with these families. This is a miracle in their eyes. It would be to us like winning the lottery. It is truly a life changing event for them.

I am so blessed to be a part of this.

Thanks so much for being a blessing to these students who are truly the future of this community. Please pray for them as they start this new journey.

Many blessings to each of you.