Tax Free Weekend

August 1 - 3rd is Tax Free Weekend this year.

As you are shopping for your childs school supplies can I ask that you use this time to teach them the gift of giving?

I have a small school in Coffadia that just started and their kids basically have nothing to learn with. If you can buy an extra this or that they would be grateful. There are at least 50 kids that go to this school.

I can use any of the following items;

#2 Pencils
Colored Pencils
Composition Books (small ones)
Personal Pencil Sharpener or a Larger one for the teacher

The Dollar Tree and Dollar Stores has great buys on this stuff. Walmart usually has good sales also.

I will be collecting this from now until my trip in December so if you pick up some things for me after I have left on my August trip just hang onto them and let me know you have them so I can come and collect them from you or you can drop them off to me.

Thanks in advance,