Leaving for Nicaragua on Sunday

August is here already. Time is passing way to fast for me.

Terry and I will be leaving on Sunday morning to Nicaragua.

I would ask that you pray with us for some specific needs.

1. We are flying on a Buddy Pass Ticket. Pray that we get seats on the flight from Charlotte to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Managua and back.

2. Since we are flying on a special ticket our luggage could be sent without us. Pray we all go at the same time.

3. I have money for 35 of the 48 families in Coffadia. Praise God for all who helped make a difference in these families’ lives. Please pray that I have wisdom on how to handle the remaining 13 families.

4. Pray for a finances to cover this trip. The cost is very expensive and we need support from others in order to continue doing what we are called to do.

5. Pray for safety and protection as we travel and for our boys as we are leaving them with a care giver.

6. Pray for my little Oscar. We paid to have his house fixed which will help him for now but without a daily/weekly shot to keep him healthy he is at risk. This shot cost over $30 each, without it the smallest virus will take his life. This is just an expense we can not pay right now. Pray God will supply this need. He is Oscar’s healer and He can take care of him or He will find a way to supply Oscar with the medicine he needs.

7. Pray for the families of Coffadia. Most are not saved and most have never seen the love of Christ. By providing them with the garden tools and working with them we are believing for a harvest of souls in addition to a harvest of fresh vegetables.

8. Pray for my heart. This summer has been very hard on my me with the death of my aunt, and my father-in-law. I truly never got to deal with my grief for either of them and now I am facing some very hard times which is bringing out all my emotions at once. I have had some unexpected needs for Oscar come up which has brought great stress to my life also. I am not one to worry or one to allow things to get to me but with all that has gone on in the last two months I can say I am at a breaking point. God is my strength and I am relying on him but prayers from you guys I am sure will help with all that is going on.

9. When I return from Nicaragua I must find a part-time job with benefits. Pray God opens that door for me when I return. Let me know if you know of anyone looking for a Great Employee with lots of experience in many areas of an office.

Thanks for all that you guys have done for me this year. God sees all of you and will return blessings back to you much greater than your gift to these people.

Your prayers are so needed and appreciated.

God Bless,