School Has Started

It is so exciting to know that this past week 109 kids attended their first day of this school yet. In 2009 when I first visited this community only 5 kids were going to school. Now over 100 are.

Here in the US if our kids do not attend school we can be arrested yet in Nicaragua if a child doesn't attend school no one says a word.

The future of this country rest on these kids. They will be the ones to change the country. They will be the next leaders of this country and most important they will be the future Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists. Teaching these kids how to read will be the role of the school but teaching them God's Word falls on the hands of the parents and most of them can not read so it is very important to me to make sure these kids are learning how to read and learning the Word.

Thanks for all the sponsors who help me send these kids to school. It is a huge blessing to them and to me.

Here's the first day of school. Look at all these future leaders, teachers, presidents, managers, and children of God.

God Bless,


ps. Don't forget those of you who sponsor that if you want me to take a letter to your child I need it by March 1st.