Prayers for Ben

I just got word this morning that a homeschooling family we are friends with The Dragstrems son Ben was hurt in a sking accident this week.

Apparantly he had a serious injury to his head and is in the hospital.

This information is from an email I received about Ben this morning.

"Ben started talking yesterday, but he is still only conscious for short periods of time and he is having a little difficulty swallowing. The prognosis is good, they think he will have a full recovery, but he will require therapy. The part of his brain that was injured controls inhibitions and behavioral control. Right now he is behaving very erratically and is belligerent (doesn't want to cooperate with anybody, is fighting treatment) and they think this is due to the injury he sustained."

Please pray for this family as they have two other brothers at home that are homeschooled and I know their dad works hard every day so the pressure on Mom (Mollie) I am sure is enormous.

Ben is a young boy who loves life and loves the outdoors. I can picture him with a huge smile on his face going down those slopes.

Left this family up in your prayers today.