Prayer Request from Pastor Arturo

I am regularly talking to Pastor Arturo by phone or by Facebook and this is his message to me today. "Ore por toda la comunidad no llueve no hay cosecha, las familias la estan pasando muy mal las cosechas se secaron por falta de lluvia."

This says, "Pray for the whole community, it  does not rain and there is no harvest, families are having a hard time the crops were dried by lack of rain."

Rainy season started in May and it has rained very little in Somotillo. It is raining all over Nicaragua but not there. Most people don't have vegetable gardens but almost every one of them have a corn field. They harvest the corn in the fall and it feeds them during the worse part of raining season which is October - December because there is no work, it also provides them an income for those who have large fields.

Without this harvest they can literally starve. They struggle day to day to have enough food so losing their corn crop would be like us not having water.  If there is no water we can't drink, make meals, wash clothes, etc. , if there is no corn they can't eat because there is absolutely no work during those months to buy food.

This is a serious situation. Pastor Arturo said it has been YEARS since they have had a drought and they of course are very unprepared for it.

I encouraged Pastor Arturo to remind the community they have authority over the weather per 20 and John 14:12 and to trust God to bring the rain.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support to my extended family.

God Bless,