Prayer Needs...

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of Fall.. Where did this year go? It is always this time of the year I find myself overwhelmed with things going on. Good things of course.

I wanted to let everyone know what my current needs are so you can be praying for me and if God leads you to you can join me in meeting those needs.

1. Please pray for Oscar's mom. This past week made a year since he passed. I was so busy that week I almost forgot. Kind of glad I did. That situation aged me by 10 years. It was one of the hardiest times in my life so far. I miss him and every time I go to Nicaragua I miss him more.

2. School Kids - I am still in need of sponsors for the kids. I have doubled the number of kids this year making it harder for me. If you can't sponsor a child or do not feel led to, SHARE it with others. Together we can change a life. It does not have to take just one of us. I checked on the kids from last year and with only 2 months of school left they are all making high grades. The teachers brag on them because they work so hard. To sponsor a child visit

3. Socks - I need girls knee-high white socks and I can't find any. If you see any at a store EMAIL me. I will need about 45 pairs and don't want to buy them in Nicaragua unless I have to. I would prefer a poly type and not cotton.

4. School supplies - I am still collecting school supplies and need just a few more packs of pencils, colored pencils, sharpeners and erasers to give every student. The cost of the uniforms has gone up drastically so I don't have much in the budget to purchase any extras so any help you can send toward these supplies would be greatly appreciated.

5. December trip - I have a huge trip planned. We are having a marriage seminar for over 30 couples (22 are signed up now and we have not even announced it yet) and a wedding for at least 50 of them. Please pray we are able to get the cost down so we can marry more couples. Please pray for my friends who will be going and facilitating the seminar and for the rest of us who will be putting this massive wedding together.

6. Jewelry Sale - I am having another jewelry sale at the NorthWest Fest on October 2nd. Please pray it is successful as I need to raise a lot of money to pay for the wedding stuff and Christmas presents for the orphanage.

Thanks as always for all that you do to support me and this ministry. God sees and knows all and ALWAYS provides for those who are willing and obedient to serve Him.


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