Operation Education

dsc_0238Let me introduce you to Lory Ortiz. He is 10 years old and is not currently enrolled in school. Next year he will attend the 2nd grade. He moved into the community after last years kids were sponsored. He is a hard worker and helps provide for his family when asked. He is a sweet boy and loves to play soccer.

Would you be willing to send him to school next year for $25.

I am in the final month of finding sponsors for my kids in Ceibita. I need to have all the kids sponsored by November 1st or the prices go up to $35 per child and I do not want to pay that amount.

If you would like to sponsor Lory or another child please let me know as soon as possible. I am trusting God for every child to receive a uniform and school supplies for this next school year. Please pray in agreement with me.

He is wearing a shirt donated by Castanea Presbyterians soccer program. Thanks to Lisa and Cindy for donating great soccer uniforms to these kids last year. You guys make dreams come true for these boys.. :)

Check out all the kids at www.thepowerofoneministry.org/school.

Thanks to all the past sponsors and all the future ones.


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