Praise Report and Prayer Request

Today all the kids with Operation Education were sponsored thanks to many wonderful people like yourself. That's my Praise Report.. God is so good. He is always so faithful and takes great care of His kids..

Now for my prayers request. I need to find 9 (or more) Sunday school classes, Woman's groups, Children's ministries or just individuals who would be willing to send a student to college.

Here in the US the dream of college for our kids comes along side the thoughts of how we will be able to afford that. Can you imagine how a set of parents who only make $30 to $50 a month feels when it's time for their child to go off to college? I am sure it's the same thoughts we have just on a different scale.

I met with these students personally and each brought their budget to me. They were prepared  to discuss their needs with me. Two of them sit in the hot sun for 1 1/2 hours waiting on me to finish in a community. I was so proud of them for their dedication.

I know that asking in this economy for $50 a month is a lot so that's why I'm looking for groups of people to come together and as a group change the life and future of a student.

Some suggestions would be?

1. 5 family members paying only $10 a month.

2. A Sunday School class of 50 paying only a $1 a month.

3. A company paying the entire $600.

4. Two best friends paying $25 each a month.

There are so many possible options that can make this happen. It just takes willingness.

Will you help promote this project? Will you tell your Sunday School class? Your family? Others?

I can't do this by myself but together we can change the world one student at a time.

I have watched God do amazing things in my walk and I know it's His will to bless these students. Now I sit and watch him orchestrate His perfect plan. Will you be a part of it?

I would be happy to come and speak with any group that will have me.

Please let me know if you are interested. I can give you more details about each student.

Thanking God for open doors and expecting them to open soon.


ps. Please share with anyone and everyone

One of the Students.