No Rain No Rainbows...

Have you seen that Sprint commercial where Push to Talk people are controlling this ladies wedding? In the  commerical she walks to her reception area and it is raining and she immediately says to "why is it raining?" The scene cuts to the man with the water truck and he turns off the water saying "NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW"...

God spoke to me one day while I was watching that and he reminded me that without storms in my life His glory can not shine near as beautiful.

I have had my share of storms lately. Here are a few..

1. I found out last week Oscar was in a coma and they had sent him home to die. 2. I have been having medical issues that has caused me to be so tired I can't hold my head up some days, causing it to be very hard to go to work and live a normal life. 3. My car is having issues and today Terry had to take out the radiator and will now have to pay $200 to fix it. 4. Yesterday an ambulance driver called to inform me Jordon had totaled his car and they were on the way to the hospital. 5. I have been working with the hospital in Nicaragua trying to determine what the fees are for Oscar and they went from $500 to 1300 back down to $1045 all in one week. 6. I found out that the place I booked for our mission trip next month put down the wrong dates and now we have to find another place to stay which causes the price to go up a great deal more. I'll stop there.. Nothing major to freak out about and some storms turned into showers and others were all out tornadoes..

Now looking at all of the different storms in my life I choose to look for the Rainbows..

1. Oscar came out of the coma and is doing ok. He is very swollen and in the hospital again where he will stay until he passes or gets a transplant. 2. Jordon is ok and made it through a terrible accident with only cuts and soreness. His head left an indention in the broken windshield but he had no neck or head damage, just a head ache and cuts on his arms. 3. No one in the other car was hurt and praise God their car is not totaled. 4. I was told it will cost $200 for a new radiator but my neighbor got me one for $121. 5. I have made arrangements for a new place to stay in Nic and got a great deal on airfare so after all is said and done I will actually save money compared to the past trips. 6. I visited a church last week in Gastonia and their VBS kids of only 20 raised $407 collecting Nichols for Nicaragua and others there gave donations and I now have $700 of the $1045 that I need. Praise God... He is so close now. I will wire $800 tonight to get the match test started. We will know in two weeks if his mom is a match or not. 7.  The doctor says my B12 is very very low and hopefully once it is increased I will feel a lot better. It's been 3 weeks and I have been taking B12 every day with some relief but no where near 100 percent.

I can choose to look at only the rain in my life and the thunder and lightening some days or I can smile knowing that the "SON" will come out and a beautiful RAINBOW will appear at the end.

How are you looking at your storms?