Never Ending Journey Part 6

It's my 5th day in Nicaragua already. Really hard to believe that 5 days has past. Typically when I am on the mission field time goes really slow but this week has gone by so fast I am not even sure I was in it. Let me share with you how it began.

Prior to Tuesday I had called the airlines to discuss their new baggage rules 3 times. Things change all the time so always call first.. (Not sure that will help but call). I got to fly first class for this trip because I used my miles and that was the only seat I could get. Flying First Class got me 3 luggage bags at 70 lb each. I was so happy when I got that news because 2 bags is just not enough usually and especially not at 50 lbs instead of 70lbs.

So on that morning at 4:00 am I off to the airport with my bags. Terry drops me off at the curb and I push them into First Class line. I felt so special... Never got that opportunity before.. :) I hand my passport to the guy behind the counter and he welcomes me with a frown and simply says how many bags... I smiled and said 3 and he frown worse and said, "Sorry you are only allowed 2 bags". I immediately got defensive and said but wait I called 3 times and they said 3 bags, I'm flying first class you know...

He proceeds to put a sign in front of my face that says "EMBARGO" on it which means only 2 bags are allowed to Managua until August 15th. I began to pour the tears... I told him why then did the people I spoke to not tell me this. I even asked and they said Managua was not included. I then realized Terry had left already and didn't have his cell phone with him, how was I going to send a bag back home and which one.. My heart was racing.. I cried more and just thought I was going to have to take someone's head off because I was not leaving a bag behind..

The line was starting to build up and I was asking the man what can I do, I can't leave one behind. I started praying God these are you bags.. you want them there then you get them there. Immediately the man who has be frowning the entire time is now smiling and instructs me to put the bag on the scale. I refused and said, but I can't, he then repeated it loudly and I put it on the scale.. The next thing I knew he was joking with me that off I went. Still crying of course but this time because of the favor God gave me.

So that was my first scare.. and a good one but God send me an angel in the way of an American Airlines employee.

Once I got on the plane I was still crying but this time of joy... It was just a reminder of what may come by way and I needed to get my emotions in tack..

Arriving in Managua I was met by a friend who laughs all the time. Funny how God sends you medicine in the form of laughter.. he took me to my new home and within hours I was crying again.

My tears were of just being completely overwhelmed..You see I can live here only if I work while I am here. I don't work I won't be able to afford this trip or the adoption. My part time job requires me to have internet and my new home won't allow it to work there for some reason. Needless to say by Tuesday night I was a mess. What was I going to do? I had to have internet and every option we tried was not working.

Finally the internet started working but was very intermittent. I had high hopes but found myself with a new problem.

When it rains in Nicaragua there are these little bugs that come out. They don't bite you just annoy you but there are hundreds of them around. My bed was covered with them that night so sleeping was not an option for me. All I could think of was them crawling in my noise...

Morning came and still no sleep BUT... I had internet now. I worked great all day and since I work at night I just knew my problem was solved. WRONG.. as soon as 4:30 came I lost internet and it didn't come back. So the thoughts of moving to another home was now a reality. Praise God he has given me good friends here and I have blessed many so they are willing to bless me and by 6 when I was to start work I had moved to my friend Antonio's house and was working.

This was a huge issue for me because I had never met his family yet they are willing to let me live with them for months. Why? Why would any Nicaraguan take on my burden? Because they are children of God and they want to bless me as I have blessed them. The seed I have sown in their son's life is now being sowed into Karen's.

I have been here since Wednesday and I am completely submerged in Spanish. Antonio is gone all day and night so I am having to survive on what I know and I am excited to say that I am holding my own which has confirmed to me that I will be ok with Karen when I get her. I'm learning how to live Nicaraguan style, eat Nicaraguan and bath out of a bucket but I am having the best experience ever because I am loved here..

This morning I am leaving soon to go to Somotillo (3 1/2 hours away) to hopefully see my girl. Please pray with me that the lady will allow me to visit with her at least one day.

I was told I could have my meeting with the Minster of Mi Familia (DSS) by Friday but Friday has come and gone. The office is closed Monday and Tuesday so it will be Wednesday before I can even go and request one myself.

Please pray for safety as I travel to Somotillo today and will live in my community for 2 days. Pray we don't get sick and my new translator and I will work well together. When I am here I don't travel with a male translator so I had to hire a new girl that I have never used and do not know. New Beginnings... New Opportunities...

Thank you for all the prayers and support you have shown. Please continue to pray for this to be resolved quickly.

Pray the ears of the Minister will only hear what God wants her to hear and she will respond to it.

Pray for my kids and my wonderful husband as he plays the "mommy" role. I miss them a bunch.

Pray for Karen's heart. She needs to see how much we love her.

I am doing so much better emotionally today. God has given me many encouraging things and I know I am doing the right thing.

God Bless and thanks for the prayers.

Rejoice in the Lord with me and Praise Him for all He has done.