My Sports Ministry Continues

For several years now I have been focusing on the youth of Somotillo during my summer trip. The more I am there and see the youth wondering the streets the more I realize the importance of working with them. This year we did things a little different than last year.

In the center of Somotillo there is a small park that has a tennis court area and lights. At night all the youth hang out there. It's kind of like going to our "Malls" to hang out. The boys there are a different group of youth than the ones that play sports on the teams I helped last year because these boys play Basketball and Soccer inside the court. It is a much smaller in size so they play with different rules and different balls.

The church that helps me organized the teams so when we arrived everything was set to go. On Monday they played soccer and Tuesday they played Basketball and Wednesday was suppose to be the playoffs but the rain decided to get involved so had to move games around but by the end of Wednesday all games were played and everyone knew to come to the banquet on Thursday night.

We decorated the church with sports shirts and balls and watched as they slowly showed up. No one ever comes on time in Nicaragua.

A church group from Leon (1 1/2 hours away) came to do the presentation. They provided the music, drama, dancing and most important the Gospel.

We provided donuts, drinks and the trophies, medals and door prizes. It was a lot of fun.

The main purpose for this was to share Jesus with them and at the end of the night 11 youth accepted the Lord. It was a great night in Somotillo.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for the rain and covered us in prayer that week. The results were all I could have wanted.

You can check out pictures of the event by clicking HERE.

It's great to be able to change the lives of the youth through sports. Please keep in mind as you clean your kids closets that I am always in need of soccer balls, baseballs and basketballs.

Thanks again for everything.