March 2008 Nicaragua Visit

Although this trip was primarily for handing in our adoption paperwork we were also able to bless two families where we were there.

On the side of the road headed to a village I have worked in lives a family that is extremely poor. Their house is made out of sugar cane and floods every time it rains.

I have been ministering to that family now several times and this time I collect some clothes and also took their two little girls new Easter dresses.

While we were there the first day God opened two doors for us.

The first was to be able to share the Gospel with the husband. He had never been home the times we had gone before and this time we caught him all alone. We talked to him a lot about the need to have Jesus in his life and encouraged him to think about his life. We could tell he was eager to please us by doing what ever we asked so we didn't push asking him to pray. I knew in my heart it would be because we ask, not because he wanted to change his life. We sowed the seed now we will let God water it.

The second was while we were there a neighbor came to get water. Later as we passed by her house I realized it was even worse than the other. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. She stopped us and ask if there was any way to help her fix her house. She explained when it rains she has to leave because there is no protection and the water floods her entire home and the wind blows the rain in from the sides. I have posted pictures on my site for you to see what she is referring to.

We purchased plastic and nails for her husband to put on her house which will cover it for now. It will protect her a lot more than she had. Without rebuilding her house there's not much else that can be done. I'm praying about that...

We also bought food for each family for the month. The two husbands we met were starting a new job that day. They would work on the roads from 1 – 6 for 15 days and in return they would get paid by food. After calculating it out we figured they would work 5 hours a day in the 110 degree weather for enough food to feed them one meal for each day. Would you work hard labor for 5 hours in 100+ degree heat for one meal? By the way, the meal only included corn tortillas and beans.

We take so many things for granted. We complain when the AC is too cold, and the Heat is too hot. We complain when it's pouring down the rain and we have to go some where and we complain when our grass is brown and we need the rain. If you think about it WE as Americans COMPLAIN about everything. We are never just satisfied.

I challenge each of you today to think before you speak. How do you think it makes God feel when we complain? He is the creator of the rain, the sun, the snow, etc.

Look at the pictures of the bad house on my site and then look at the pictures of the next house on there. It's a new house that was built for a single parent. It cost about $3,000 to build.

Praise God for your house today, for your Heat, AC, running water, electricity, for all the comforts of home.

Click here to see the photos.

God Bless,