Mark Your Calendar for the 25th

Tuesday is a special day for Terry and I.

Not only is it our 19th Wedding Anniversary it’s the day our case worker at Mi Familia is suppose to receive the home study of our girls.

This can be a very difficult process to follow so I will try to explain it in a way that you can understand so you can start praying NOW...

The office we are dealing with in Managua has a smaller office that exists in the area our girls are living. That office was asked to do the home study of the girls. The home study is required in order to declare the girls abandoned.

The lady in this office who did the home study is being very difficult. It's hard to explain the reasons why right now, just know that she has the power to delay this adoption for as long as she chooses. She has had the home study done since early February and just last week lied and said it was not finished yet. She feels we are rushing things. It's been said that her opinion is it should take 3 - 4 years for an adoption to be finalized.

Our case worker in Managua sent a request for the home study on the 11th and requested it to be in her hands on the 14th. The lady in the other office refused the request and said, "I'll give it to you on the 25th".

The 25th is my case workers last day of employment. So, it is extremely important to this case that the home study gets turned in so my case worker can submit it to the proper person before she leaves. If this is not done it could be months before her replacement is hired and starts working on my case again.

I refuse to worry about this. The enemy would like for me to lose sleep or cry and get angry at this lady but instead I am praying that this week in Nicaragua which was called Holy Week impacted her life and she accepted Christ and is a new creation...

Isn't that all that really matters here. Yes, I want my girls to come home but God has that time worked out. If we are in His perfect Will all will come together. It's the lady we need to pray for.

She obviously does not have Jesus in her life or she would see the need to get my girls out of that orphanage. So it's her salvation and her heart we need to be praying for.

Today was a wonderful day for Christians but what about those who are not Christians? We sometimes get so caught up in what Jesus did for us that we don't stop and think about the person next door or the family member that is lost.

Let's agree today to not let another minute go by without lifting up the lost souls to God. Look around you now and see if you can't either actually see someone that needs Jesus or imagine someone’s face that does. Pray for them.

Pray for this lady who is holding up the future of my girls. Pray for her soul and watch God work everything out.

God Bless,