It's finally here....

After many hours of work and my computer driving me up the wall, I have finally got the first of many videos loaded on my site. Many years ago when I moved to Charlotte I found quickly that I had a hidden talent working with computers. I had never even seen one before and within months I was talking them apart and putting them together. (Without instructions)

Today, I realize that God had all that in His plan. He knew that one day I would need to know how to show the world through technology what I do in Nicaragua.

I hope you enjoy this video. I had to make it short so that people would take time to watch it and sorry about the small text, Google is controlling that.


Click here to view my Mission Trip page, the video is at the bottom.

You can help me alot by passing this on to your Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor or a friend that you know is interested in missions.

God Bless,