God Talk

I belong to an online group for Nicaraguan Adoptions. As far as I know there are no rules to what a person can or can not say on this group.

There are several Christians who have made it clear they are and many others that have not shown their position.

A couple of days ago one person who is in Nicaragua right now struggling to get her kids wrote of great discouragement. You can imagine those of us who are Christians came to her rescue.

Boy, did that start a mess. Before we knew it a person was telling us that all the God Talk was getting a little out of hand.

Freedom of Speech? Does it apply all the time? Should we censor what we say on forums or where ever or do you share where we stand?

Would Jesus follow these rules and keep quite? I don't think so.

How do we stand up for what we believe and not affend someone else?

Do you choose to change your words based on who you are talking to or where you are? We shouldn't have to be in some cases I think we have to be sensitive. What do you think?

I chose to keep quite and let the other Christians write what they felt and sure enough the lady left the group. What a shame... She could benefit a lot from the group but instead choose to walk away for hearing any more God Talk.

Please pray for her, her name is Jessica.

God Bless,