Ice Cream Party for Kids Dealing with AIDS

During the month of January I was told of a special group of kids who needed help. These are kids who either are suffering with HIV or AIDS or their parents are struggling with it. Several of the kids lost their only parent in the last 6 months and have been "adopted" by a neighbor or distant family member.

I asked what their biggiest needs were and education was the top request. Education... they just want to go to school and be normal like their friends. I am sure that if our kids here in the US were dealing with the stresses these kids have "going to school" would not be their first need.

School started within two weeks from this request so I had to quickly get started getting sponsors for these kids. We started with 32 kids only to find out that there were more kids (actually siblings who were not sick) who needed uniforms as well. A total of 41 kids received new uniforms and school supplies.

We wanted to do more than just show up and give out uniforms so we showed them Jesus through the smiles of "Flutter-By" our favorite clown (aka Leigh Pack). They received ice cream and a special balloon for child to take with them.

At the beginning of the party parents and kids were a little shy but by the time we got to the end there were nothing but hugs, smiles and a request for us to see them again. It was a very nice time and it opened a door for these families to talk more with those in Somotillo who are reaching out to them.

God used us as a bridge to connect the two groups together and open that road of communication. It may be the only support system these families have as they are scared to reach out to anyone for help and afraid of most people. People in Somotillo tend to cast a big dark shadow over each person causing them to feel rejected by all.

Check out the photos of our time together with these kids. Click here to display the photos.

Thanks to all who sponsored a child and changed a life. I was not able to get "Thank You's" from the kids but I promise you they were extremely happy.

God Bless,