10 Gallons of Ice Cream

During our trip in March we had the privilege of hanging out with my friends in Ceibita. I love blessing them with things I know they don't ever get and we here in the US take for granted. This trip it was Ice Cream. Thanks to two generous donors who blessed me with extra cash I didn't expect to get we were able to feed over 175 people that day.

Why serve ice cream and play games you might ask?

Since I am not a pastor, preacher or teacher I find ways to share God's love and His Word through ways I can relate to. Having Fun.. It brings smiles to everyone, breaks down walls and opens doors for me to just chat with them.

On this day we brought them "Minute It To Win It" games and had grown men acting like children, young adult men and woman shaking their booty and kids laughing their heads off while they were doing it. I love hearing their laughter, I love seeing them enjoy a stress free day. What better way to show them Jesus than to show them Peace, Love, and Joy.

After we played games with them my team member Leigh Pack and Gwen Trull performed a skit. You have to see the pictures to believe it. You will only see Leigh in the photos because Gwen is behind her. Leigh's arms are Gwen's arms. It was hilarious. It really got everyone's attention and gave me a chance to share with them the importance of Forgiveness.  We also shared little things with them during each game we played. Just a small illustration to push the points we wanted to get across. Meeting them on their level is much better than standing in a pulpit preaching to them. Wasn't that how Jesus did it?

At the end of the day we blessed them with ice cream and got to see great smiles and excitement from the kids. I have grown to love them so much. I miss them tremendously, even as I write this tears fill my eyes and my heart breaks to see them soon. It's so amazing how building that relationship with them over the past two years has brought us so close. Over 65 people in this community has accepted the Lord so far. It's great to see the fruit of the labor.

In the photos you will also see two very small houses. I hope one day soon to build a new home for the first family. I can build a 250 square foot home for around $800. That may not sound like a large home but they are living in a house that is about 50 sq. ft now. Most of our bathrooms are bigger than that .

Please continue to pray as always that I will find ways to raise money and doors will open.

If any of you have a womens group, or a Home Group, Sunday School class or any type of group that is looking for a great project please keep this ministry in mind.

I am asking everyone I know to start a "Nickel's For Nicaragua" collection jar. Just take an empty milk jug and collect loose change. In a couple of months it will be filled and you will not miss those coins at all.

Your "CHANGE" can "CHANGE" the life of a family in Nicaragua. Will you help me? Will you start a collection jar and be a part of what God is doing in Nicaragua?

If you decide to start one  just let me know when your jar is full and I'll come and get it.. :)

God Bless,


Check out the Photos HERE