Hot enough to fry an EGG...

Well I finally made it to Somotillo after much saga which I won´t share here stictly due to time but let me tell you I can write a book about this trip already. I unfortantly am sick as can be. I had to spend the entire afternoon in bed. I have a major sinus infection AGAIN.

I was able to get an antibotic today and some sinus releif medicine and as of this minute I am a 100% better but no where near perfect. The heat is killing me for the first time. It is truely unbareable...

I spent the morning in a meeting in Ceibeta with the men. It was a great meeting and I have a huge project to pray about. It was good to see the men, some for the very first time.

I also had a long meeting with my helper Evert to discuss the vision and future of Ceibeta.

Please pray for a family in Ceibeta who lost there husband, brother and father yesterday. He was only 39 and left behind two beautiful boys. He died of cancer.

I will write soon more about my advertures but for now as it is 8 o´clock where I am and is still in the high 90´s and the heat is making me more conjested not to mention we are leaving out in the morning again to Ceibeta at 7.

I will be discussing a couple of projects with the families and giving out clothes that I brought. Pray for me.

Until then I would appreciate lifting me up in prayers every day. I am under some serious attack. I cán´t wait to see what God has in store for me.

God Bless and talk to you soon.