Celebrating 20

I am sitting at the airport now getting ready to board my 20th flight to Nicaragua. TWENTY.. I can't believe it. God has been so faithful to me.

Today as I struggle with health issues, struggle with other things i won't mention, I am reminded that He is in control and He has put within me the same excitement today as I had the first trip.

I feel like crud in my body but my heart is thrilled to be going to do the work of the Lord.

Already God sent me a wonderful spirit-filled lady at the check-in to pray over me and bless my trip. She even took my name so she can pray all day for me. God is so good.

Please continue praying for me as I need strength and direction once I arrive. It is summer there right now and they are having a terrible heat wave.

I have a specific meeting tomorrow morning, please pray the person will show up and I will get some directions and favor with them. It will be a 9:30 am your time.

I am so excited about this trip for many reasons as I can already see the enemy is working hard to discourage me which usually means God has great things prepared for me.

I will be in touch as I can. Pray for my wonderful husband and children as well. I miss them already.

God Bless You All,