Can I do more? Sure you can...

I have had several questions about helping the girls of the House of Rose Orphanage.

Here are some answers to everyone?

1. Do you only want Easter clothes? No, I will take what ever I can get. The girls love comfortable dresses, some wear shorts and pants but mostly nice little sun dresses.
2. Tennis Shoes or Sandals? Tennis shoes are great because they last longer, but sandals are just as needed.
3. Do they need anything else? Underwear, socks, hair bows are always needed.
4. Can I send other items? Of course, it is truly up to you if you want to include things like fingernail polish, hair bows, hair barrettes, PJ's, or what ever God leads you to do.
5. Are you other items other than clothes that you are taking? Yes, I am taking school supplies also.
6. Can we include a letter and pictures? Most defiantly....Please make this a gift of LOVE, this is not about the clothes this is about showing a total stranger that God loves them and they have not been left and forgotten.
7. Can I send used clothes? Yes, but only if they look like you would buy them at a consignment store. I want to bless them with good stuff, not just stuff.

Once you email me I will send you the sizes and a picture of a child. Then it's up to you and God.

The only thing I ask is that each girl receives and outfit and a pair of shoes.


Tonight I went to Walmart and I found about 10-15 pairs of sandals for $3 - $4 each so if you don't have the funds to buy the shoes I'll put a pair of these with them. I also found beautiful dresses made by Georgia for $5.63, they were perfect for the girls. There were nice Faded Glory jeans and shirts for $4 each and for the little ones Garanimals mix & match for $3.50 each.

Thanks to those who have already emailed me. I have 5 takers so far and only 7 more to go.

God Bless,