Are there typo's in Heaven?

As my wonderful husband was complimenting me on my blog about the girls he didn't hesitate to tell me I had a lot of typos in it.

I reminded him that he is not suppose to say, "Oh that was great but..." didn't you read that blog on The Power of the Tongue..?

He is right though. I was in a huge hurry at that time, got interrupted about 10 times and eventually had to stop.

Wonderful if God ever gets in a hurry when he's writing in His books? Could He write typo's in the Lambs Book of Life? I surely hope not.

I'm glad my name is Angie and not Sam or Pam or Terry or Jerry. A typo could come between you and eternity..

Is your name in THE book? If God looked today would he easily find you by how you have served him or would He question if he made a TYPO..?

Just something to think about?

Sorry for the previous mistakes I made. I'll slow down, 1 day..