Are you a Jesus "Potato"

Yesterday during my pastor's absence our youth pastor filled in.

I love hearing Pastor Paul teach. He's funny and he's real. There's not a lot of that "Holier Than Thou" stuff going on. He's not ashamed to show us who he really is and that makes me feel right at home.

He was talking about "Full Yet"?

The point of Pastor Paul's message was are we feeding ourselves daily?

He challenged us by saying for anyone who wanted to eat on Sunday and never eat again all week until the next Sunday he would buy their meal. Isn't that so true of most of us?

We go to church on Sunday and eat a full course meal and we make it last all week until we return again. If you have a Wednesday service and you go, you're just getting a drive-thru burger that night I bet.

I was really challenged by Pastor Paul because for my entire walk with the Lord I have had a hard time reading my bible. I don't like to read and it makes me sleepy so trying to read the Word is even harder since it doesn't make a lot of since sometimes. I am truly starving myself to death some days. How about you?

Are you getting the food (Word of God) that you need to fill your body with the knowledge that gets you through life? Me, I live on a Happy Meal most weeks but I can say I have been working on it a lot lately and doing better but I have a long way to go to get to that steak dinner every day.

For those of you who are eating a full meal daily, what are you doing with it? Are you a "Jesus" Potato? Do you sit inside your house day after day and do nothing with what God has feed you with or do you share it with others and use the knowledge he gave you to help others?

Have you ever thought about starting a neighborhood bible study or maybe take a baby Christian and disciple them and show them how to eat a full course meal daily?

Just something for you guys to chew on....

Thanks Pastor Paul for giving me the desire to eat more daily.

God Bless,