Amazing Race Part 2

I'm home now...

I did not have access to this blog since the last time I wrote for some reason. So I am sorry I have not been in touch. For those who are wondering Jordon is doing great. His pain has passed and the doctor says he is ok, actually he is confused by the doctors examination for his physical.

First let me say thank you to all who prayed for me. Trust me your prayers MOVED MOUNTAINS..

I have some crazy stories for you..

First, we went to the airport on Sunday to find that US Airways had cancelled two flights to Atlanta making all the Delta flights full with those people and the standby list was huge. We were flying with standby tickets and since it was an employee ticket we were on the bottom. We were scheduled for a 10:00 am flight and were not allowed on that one. The lady told us there was no way we were going to make it out of Charlotte today but our flight to Managua looked good. So we decided to rent a car and drive to Atlanta. We had plenty of time to get there so we took our time. Big mistake.... When we got to downtown Atlanta, 10 minutes from the airport, they had 3 of the 6 lanes closed for road construction. We sit, and sit and sit. It was getting later and later and we could not move. Traffic was at a stop. Earlier I remembered seeing a sign to call 511 for traffic help so I called and told them I had to get to the airport like 1 hour ago. Some lady told me how to go another way. We followed her instructions only to find 5 minutes down the road was a detour for that street. All the sudden we were in the middle of know where with no more road signs to follow.. By then my stress was at a max. It was 4:30 and our flight was to board at 5:10. By the grace of God we found our way back to the interstate and headed on to the airport.

We pull into the airport to the rental car place and there is no Thrifty place. We had to go around in a circle and still no place to drop off the car. I called the 1-800 number and they told me, oh yea we moved to another place outside the airport. By then it's now 15 to 5:00. We had not got gas and there were no gas stations to pull into so we had to pay $7.00+ a gallon to fill up the car. We told the bus driver to go fast we had to get to the airport like NOW.. He drove us really fast and we were just praying that the plane was delayed because we were not going to make it.

Now we get to the airport and the lines in the check in were long but God's favor was on us and we got to go through the lines for the Captains. It was now 5:10 and my heart was beating 90 miles an hour. We were running through the airport to find which gate and PRIASE GOD the sign said the plane was delayed and was not leaving until 6:10. I just about passed out...

As we where heading to the gate my phone rang and it was Tina Gilbert telling me her Sunday school class had sponsored move 6 more families. I almost cried right there in the tram. The stress my body was going through trying to get there was worth it knowing that I know had 40 families sponsored. I could have kissed Tina right about then.

God showed off that day. He not only got me to the airport and delayed that flight for me; he gave me a FIRST CLASS ticket. We got to sit in first class and be treated like kings and queens. It was great. That was my first time flying to Nicaragua first class. It was nice.

I have so many more things to tell you but I'll separate them so you can keep up.

Thanks again for your prayers.