Amazing Race Part 1

I love the reality show Amazing Race. It´s a show about people who are on a race around the world for a million dollars.

I am on that race now.

We have had some many things happen since we left Charlotte. I don´t have time to type them all now but I will tell you all the stories later.

For now PRAY.....

Customs took my seed that I brought and I am trying to get them out of customs, our bags did not come until today and I´m having to pay someone to bring them to me which was an added cost that I just don´t have and today we met with community and things did not go as planned, in addition, my son Jordon is sick and the doctor found two major issues yesterday.

So, the devil is really mad this trip and he is working hard to cause problems.

Please I ask of you to cover us daily in prayer and the people here I am trying to minister to. My family needs your prayers even more.

To be continued..