On Sunday our pastor preached on Make Us Great.

The basis of this was on serving.

He asked a question, "Do you love others like you love yourself?" What would your answer be?

In Matthew 22:37-39 the bible tells us to love the Lord your God will all your heart,.... but it also says, "A second commandment is equally important, Love your neighbor as yourself".

I had to think about that. Do I really love my neighbor as myself? Would I do for them what I want done for me? Would I give to them as I give to my family and myself? Would you?

What would happen if you started giving to others as you give to yourselves? If you were pumping gas and paid for the car beside you or were in the grocery store and noticed a woman searching for extra money, would you be willing to step up and pay for her groceries? These are some of the examples our Pastor challenged us with.

Now I am going to challenge you.

When we are serving the Lord we are at our best in God's eyes. We are acting out the most important commandment God gave us.

Here is your chance.

I am going back to Nicaragua in August to start a garden project in the village of Coffadia.

These families have to smuggle goods across the border, risking their lives in order to feed their children. They need a better avenue to earn an income and that project is much larger than I can do right now but what if we did for them what we can do for ourselves and gave them the ability to grow a garden and feed themselves.

They will need wheel barrows, shovels, hoes, and matics to do this. An irrigation system and seeds are also a must. I am checking on pricing today for the tools and it's not cheap in Nicaragua.

Would you be willing to sponsor a family and give them a chance to feed their children?

In return I will provide you with the following:

Receipts for the purchase of 1 shovel, 1 hoe and 1 matic. (Wheel barrows will be bought also but not for every family since the cost is so much)
Receipts for the purchase of seeds and the irrigation system.
Pictures of the family and their house, and children.
Their names and any additional information you would desire.
Pictures of the garden project from beginning to end
Pictures of the results.

With any project there are no guarantees. We can invest in them and the outcome is glorious or we can invest in them and they do nothing with the stuff. To avoid this I plan on holding them accountable before they get the equipment. They will have to put forth an effort to receive the products. In other words, be invested in the effort, not just receive a hand out.

I will require them to build a fence around the garden areas to keep out the animals and I will require them to carry the water every day and buy the fertilizer. This way they are able to see their efforts in producing the food and it not just be something we gave them. Don't you feel much better about a project when you have worked on it?

I just saw 12 young men come to know Jesus at this village last week; can you imagine the seed that will grow from those 12 men? We have an opportunity to serve and truly make a lasting difference for years to come with this project. Will you join me?

There are 48 houses in this village. In one house may be multiple families. For now I am only focusing on each house.

The cost to do this will be $150 per family. The wheel barrow alone will cost $80 - $100 so I am asking for enough money to buy several wheel barrows for them to share and the rest will receive their own shovels, hoes, etc. That cost will be around $65 per family.

Can your family give up pizza, eating out after church every Sunday or just splurging over the summer to help a family for $65?

Here are some suggestions on how we can raise this money;

Get your bible study group involved – with 10 people that’s only $6.50 per person.
Get your Sunday school class involved? With 20 people you would only need $3.25 a person.
Your extended family – with 30 people that’s only $2.17 each
An office pool – with 65 people it’s only a $1.00 each

Together we can change these peoples lives for the cost of eating out a couple of times in a month.

We don't have to do this, We GET TO...

There are 48 families on this distribution list and about 20 more who read it. If all of you pitched in every family would receive the needed tools to feed their families.

Will you join me?

I would need the money by July 30th. That gives you two pay periods, 4 Sunday school glasses and many other opportunities to turn dollars into crops.

If you can't do the entire amount would you be willing to do something?

Over half this community is not saved. What a great way to show them Jesus.

To donate please send your tax deductible check to:

The Power of One Ministry
198 Mellwood Drive
Charlotte, NC 28214

Attention: Adopt-A-Family

Please pray for this project. If you can't help maybe others can. Tell them about it. Get others involved.

Let’s watch what God does with this project. Email me and let me know I can count you in.

God Bless,