My Friend Oscar

In July during my visit to Nicaragua, Dr. Anderson told us about a little boy that was really sick who lived down the street. He had been born with a bad kidney and was losing the other one.

His mother Francisca brought little Oscar to see us. It was an immediate bond between his mother and I and little Oscar didn't mind the attention at all.

Each trip I have gone since July I have visited them and taken him clothes, food, toys and even a new bike for his birthday. It was so great to see him smile.

God did amazing things to Oscar after we left in July. Within months a fragile, sick little boy was a vibrant, energetic, growing boy. Even Dr. Anderson told me in October that Oscar had received a miracle from God. There were no explanations for his healing but God.

In December I returned to find that his mother and father had been arrested and place in jail. Immediately I had great concern for Oscar. His mother kept him clean and feed. She gave him better care than most children get here in the US. What was to happen to Oscar now? That's all I could think about during my trip in December. By March, when I saw him again he still looked really good but was covered in dirt from head to toe. I warned his aunt that Dr. Anderson said he needed to stay clean at all times.

Now in June Oscar lays in a hospital bed in Managua hanging on for his every breathe. I am so blessed that I was there last week. He had been asking for me and wondering when I was going to come and see him. I went to the hospital to find him weak, un-talkative and not at all the healthy little boy I say two months ago.

On Thursday of last week Oscar had dialysis done on his only kidney. The doctors said it was a miracle he lived through it. His system is very weak and fragile and on top of everything else the medicines he needs can only be bought in the US.

Oscar's favorite characters are Power Rangers and although I don't allow my kids to play with them I had to give in to Oscar. We looked everywhere in Managua until I found a nice Red one for him. We took him some fruit and of course candy. The doctors there said he could have anything he wanted. That's not a good sign.

Please pray for Oscar daily. He is only 6 years old. He has the rest of his life to live for the Lord. God is a healer and can do all things. Agree with me that Oscar will receive the care he needs to get better. They are going to test his mother and father to see if they are a match. At the speed they go in Nicaragua it could be too late so pray for a speedy process.

Click here to view pictures of my visit with Oscar.

God Bless,