Accomplishments from July 2007 - Dec 2008

I thought it would be appropriate to let you guys know just what God has done through me this past year. I am starting in July since that's when God opened the door for me to go multiple times. I have provided links to the pictures of each project if you haven't had a chance to view the pictures. July 07 Took at team 6 to Nicaragua Feed 260 families beans, rice, corn, sugar and oil Distributed 2,000+ toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste Put shoes on 2,000 pairs of feet Handed out over 500+ other items like tote bags, baseball hats, fingernail polish, brushes, combs, fingernail clippers, soap, wash cloths etc. Played with over 1,000+ kids Repaired 25 homes with new roofs and coverings Ministered to 3 churches with drama, puppets, music and story telling. Shared the Gospel and showed God's love with several 1,000 people

August - 07 Started a Greeting Card business for the village of Torres - 36 families made home made greeting cards and I sold them here in the US for $10 per pack. Each family made 5 packs.

October - 07 Provided the 36 families each with $48 per family. This was at least 1/2 years to a years wages for most of these families. Officially started the adoption process for Carmen and Isamar Collected over 20,000 pieces of clothing, shoes, etc. for Hurricane Felix Relief and shipped it to Nicaragua Did the card project again and each family made another $30 each. This gave each family a $78 profit which was now a whole years salary or more.

December 07 Distributed 1800+ backpacks, school supplies and hygiene products through Ministries of His Glory to 9 villages.

January 08 Hired a translator to work for me full time to help me with the adoption and with other needs. Provided a way for him to continue to attend college

March 08 Finished adoption paperwork and turned it into Mi Familia. While I was there I researched areas that I could continue working in Somotillo. Provided all the girls at the House of Rose with new Easter Dresses and shoes and miscellaneous items like hair brushes, etc. April 08 Purchased soccer uniforms for 20 soccer players in Somotillo. Ministered to many families with different things like helping with their house, building supplies, tools, etc. Ministered at the House of Rose Orphanage - provided toys, coloring books, etc.

June 08 Took a team of  7 to Nicaragua Ministered in two new villages Feed 200+ families with beans, corn, sugar, rice and oil Distributed 1800+ pairs of shoes Distributed 1800+ toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, gospel tracts Played with 100+ kids Provided full uniforms, cleats, balls, bats, score books, and other equipment to my baseball team in Somotillo Ministered to House of Rose Orphanage with new fleece blankets

July 08 Raised money for a garden project in Coffradia Purchased irrigation systems Purchased seeds Fixed the bedroom for Oscar to come home from the hospital to - tiled the ceiling, bought an air conditioner, hired men to put on a door and seal the room from dust and dirt.

August 08 Went to Nicaragua and purchased shovels, hoes, additional seeds, other materials need to start the gardens like lime etc. for 36 families. Hired a teacher to teach the families how to grow their own food Built a house for an elderly family from funds donated by a wonderful family her in NC

There are many other things that took place this year but this article would be too long for any one to read if I listed them all.

I am amazed at the things God did this past year and half. I look back now and even I can't believe they happen. Why me? Why did God use  me to fulfill his work for these people? Why not, he tells me. You are willing and able and that's all it takes.

Some of these accomplishment could not have been done without the prayers and financial support of those reading this.

You should know that I have no other ongoing funding from anywhere. No church supports me finacially, no organizations support me. God provided the way this past year through the income from our second business and the financial support you have provided. I am so grateful for all of you reading this blog. You are the only ones I have as support right now and I pray that God returns every dollar back to you 100 fold and answers every prayer you have exceedingly, abundantly more than you even ask for. 

As you know we are in a business that is not a priority during this recession. People don't have to have pictures. Our photography business has been hit hard and our second business has gone from doing very well to almost non-existent.

In order to continue working for the Lord in Nicaragua I will have to have access to finances other than my own.

I need your help to do that. Here are suggestions on how you can help me raise more support.

1. Commit to praying faithfully for this ministry to grow and be provided all it needs. 2.Are you in a Sunday School Class? A Women's Group? A Homeschool Group? - do a fundraiser once or twice a year and donate that money to missions. Ask them if I can come and speak to them about missions. 3. A yard sale, a bake sale, a spaghetti dinner 4. Take up a weekly offering in your class. Do you know that $10 a month is $120 a year and can provide a new roof for a house that is full of holes or it can buy 240 pairs of new shoes... 5. Go to your pastor and ask if they would be willing to meet with me and partner with me for support. It can be only  agreeing  to do a yard sale in the summer or they will take one offering a year. Anything is better than nothing. 6. Collect change - Have a designated jar for change for Missions in your house and get all your kids involved. What a great lesson for them to learn each time they put money in that jar. 7.Youth Car Wash -get your youth pastor involved and get the teens to do something positive on a Saturday. 8. Give up Pizza one time this month - $20 will go a long way in Nicaragua 9. Make a committment to give something toward sharing the Gospel. 10.Due it.. During these times is when missionaries are hurt the most. People have a hard time giving, even if it's just a little.

There are so many ways we all can do something for the kingdom of God. Most are already in some form or fashion and that's great. Please continue.  Regardless if you support what I am doing or you support someone else, just do it..It takes a lot of money to go on trips and bless families. It's a very costly endeavor but together if we all do our part there is enough to go around.

Please consider helping me with this months' trip. There are still a huge need and as always I am trusting God to provide. No amount is too small. Remember it's a group effort and a little plus a little adds up to a lot.

Thank you for your continued support and I know God will bless you more than you can imagine for your obedience.

God Bless,