For the past five years that I have worked in my community I have had a hard time reaching the men. It was been a painful as cutting teeth. I decided a long time to go that to beat them I had to join them. I started getting involved with what they liked.. Baseball...

I got them all new uniforms and baseball equipment for their team and little by little I earned their respect and their friendship.

In December during a church service we finally saw some progress. I had 17 of the men/young boys accept the Lord. This was a huge accomplishment.

After I left I challenged the Pastor I work with to continue engaging the men. He started a bible study and each time more of the men attended.

This visit we had a men's meeting and I was floored that over 50 men attended. We talked to them about what life is like living in the community and about how important having a relationship with God is. Without God the community won't change. Without God the men will not be the leaders of this community.

We encouraged the men to put their faith in God and not into themselves. We also gave out new bibles to the men who accepted the Lord in December and to anyone who did not already own a bible and wanted one. We gave out 25 bibles and I need to take more the next time I go.

I have had these meetings before and I have never had this kind of response. It was awesome to see the harvest.

Here are pictures of this event. The man handing out the bibles is my Pastor I work with. Pastor Arturo.