When I visit my kids it seems I hardly ever have time to just play with them and enjoy them so when that times does happen its very special to me. On this March trip, we decided to spend some time with the kids and bless them with some candy. I chose the old fashion candy necklaces that I use to enjoy and eat as a kid. It brought back some "sweet memories".

We started off singing a song and doing a dance with them that they have learned over the years. It's called the Tooty Ta.  It requires the kids to sing and dance using funny moves. They laugh at us and we laugh at them. Its a great chance to watch them just be kids.

Afterwards we had a game for the kids to play and earn a price. They are so competitive so I usually have a game where the boys can race against the girls in some way.  Its amazing what a pack of streamers can do.

We then had a bible lesson for them to tell them the promises of God and how he does not want us to have fear. The kids gave us examples of what scares them and I was quite surprised. They were afraid to go to the bathroom at night alone because they didn't want something to get them, Several said they were afraid to be alone. We used the story of Noah and the flood to explain that no matter what is going on and how much fear a person has God is always with us. He goes before us and with us at all times. We finished the story telling them about how Noah must have felt in the middle of the 40 days of rain he had to experience and how God sent us a promise through a rainbow that he would never end the world again with water. That's where the colorful candy necklaces come in. They really enjoyed them.

After our time together we blessed the kids with even more candy that was donated by my friends from Charis Bible College of Houston. They gave me and entire luggage bag full. With help from friends (even little ones) we split the 1,000's of pieces up for each kid. The kids loved the lolly-pops because our candy is much sweeter than the candy in Nicaragua.

Later in the day we gathered the kids together and gave them updated school ids and some school supplies as well as the sponsored gifts and letters that were sent to them.

In December we took family pictures of the kids and their parents and this trip we were was able to bless them with a framed photo. Most told me this was the first and only photo they have ever had.

It was a very successful time with the kids and their families.

Join us on a trip soon so you can enjoy these kids with us. Their are all so sweet and fun to hang out with.

Enjoy the photos.