Have you ever experience hunger? True hunger? True hunger is not having your belly growl. It's not even going all day and not eating until late. It's going all day and not eating at all because there is not food to eat. Its also not knowing where your food is going to come from. I personally know what true hunger feels like. After I left my family and went to college I found myself in a position many times where I went without food for several days. I remember buying a 5lb bag of potatoes and steeling packs of ketchup from McDonald's so that I could have a potato a day. Even then that wasn't true hunger compared to what my families endure daily. Most only eat a tortilla or two a day, the others don't even get that.

This year I have been so blessed by partners who have sowed into this ministry which has allowed me to buy bags of food each trip I have gone. This food helps in more ways than hunger. It gives them hope. Hope in something greater than them. Here are pictures of the families being blessed with food and many other things.