My community is only an hour from the beach yet hardly any of them have ever seen it. For the past year I have been working hard spending quality time with the youth girls. Each trip we have had meetings with the girls and asked what desires they had. Every time it was "Can we go to the beach?".  So.. We WENT TO THE BEACH..

Gwen, Aileen and I took two trips to the beach. 10 each day. We had a blast. The girls had so much fun.. We took them shopping, out to lunch at a restaurant and to the beach.. An every girls dream day..

Thanks to all the people who sowed into this trip. We were able to minister to the girls on the way back about in the van about the importance of staying pure and innocent. I encouraged them that they could have a bright future and they didn't need to get married at 14 and 15.  I hope it helps them to remember how much God loves them and how bad they need Him above all.

Enjoy the pics..